Nathan Eastwood


Artist Tutorial/Consultation Service


You may be either a post BA or MA, young, mid or late career artist and would like to have a discussion about your art practice; to open it up (open surgery) and possibly resolve some issues or discuss tour work and research in relation to the professional context???


If this is the case then it could be a good time for a tutorial/consultation? This is an opportunity for you to have a one to one tutorial/consultation with me. The dialogue will open up an in-depth discussion about your current art practice, your ideas, research, art materials employed and professional practice (within a supporting but critical framework).  


What the tutorial/consultation offers:


1) Pre-Tutorial/Consultation preparation (artist documentation forwarded to me; prior to appointment)  

2) Talking, about the work, its context and professional position

3) Post tutorial/consultation evaluation (written feedback)  



My Profile


Artist, Curator and active member of Contemporary British Painting - I am the Inaugural winner of the East London Painting Prize (2014) and exhibited in the John Moores Painting Prize (2012) with my new take on Social Realist painting in the age of the smart-phone.


I often show work both nationally and internationally; and have participated on painting prize, judging panels, public talks and have curated group exhibitions normally with panel discussions alongside. Please review my website for further information


For further information regarding time, dates, costs please do enquire by telephone or email