2017    ARTIST TALK: group conversation hosted by Nicholas Balmfort – Artists: Nathan Eastwood | Hannah Brown | Marguerite Horner | Rob Reed, Silence Un-scene, Arthouse Lewisham, London  


2017     ARTIST TALK: in conversation with Matt Price (an independent art publisher, editor and curator) My England, Sid Motion Gallery, London  


2017     ARTIST TALK: Contemporary British Painting Friends Programme, My England, Sid Motion Gallery, London    


2016     The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016, selection panel: Simon Burton | Nathan Eastwood | Terry Greene | Susie Hamilton | Matthew Krishanu | Freya Purdue      


2015     East London Painting Prize 2015, selection panel: Nathan Eastwood, Phoebe Unwin (Wilkinson Gallery); Oliver Basciano (editor of Art Review), Elizabeth Neilson (Director of the Zabludowicz Collection), Sarah Elson (founder of Launchpad & Contemporary Art Society and Bow Arts Trustee) Michael Goldhill and Claire Gevaux, Creative Director of The Legacy List.


2014     ARTIST TALK: In Conversation with Matt Price, The Nunnery Gallery, Bow Road, London, UK


2014     Showing Painting (Panel Discussion) Katrina Blannin, Nathan Eastwood, Matthew Krishanu and Stephanie Moran the Nunnery gallery, London

Other Professional Engagements