Nathan Eastwood


2017    ARTIST TALK: group conversation hosted by Nicholas Balmfort – Artists: Nathan Eastwood | Hannah Brown | Marguerite Horner | Rob Reed, Silence Un-scene, Arthouse Lewisham, London  


2017     ARTIST TALK: in conversation with Matt Price (an independent art publisher, editor and curator) My England, Sid Motion Gallery, London  


2017     ARTIST TALK: Contemporary British Painting Friends Programme, My England, Sid Motion Gallery, London    


2016     The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016, selection panel: Simon Burton | Nathan Eastwood | Terry Greene | Susie Hamilton | Matthew Krishanu | Freya Purdue      


2015     East London Painting Prize 2015, selection panel: Nathan Eastwood, Phoebe Unwin (Wilkinson Gallery); Oliver Basciano (editor of Art Review), Elizabeth Neilson (Director of the Zabludowicz Collection), Sarah Elson (founder of Launchpad & Contemporary Art Society and Bow Arts Trustee) Michael Goldhill and Claire Gevaux, Creative Director of The Legacy List.


2014     ARTIST TALK: In Conversation with Matt Price, The Nunnery Gallery, Bow Road, London, UK


2014     Showing Painting (Panel Discussion) Katrina Blannin, Nathan Eastwood, Matthew Krishanu and Stephanie Moran the Nunnery gallery, London